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Meeting 2nd Feb, 6pm Uni Arms

Dear all,

In Short:

We’re having our 2nd committee meeting of the year tomorrow evening at 6pm in the University arms behind the IC.

We’re inviting anyone of you who wants to get involved even more to help run the society, for now and in the future.

We’re loads planned already but with another mind or two, we can really go places, and you can shape or get out of it whatever you want most, so COME.

In Detail:

The AGM is fast approaching in March/April and this is where a new committee is formed to run the society for 2010-11. You should know that we’ve put lots of effort and time in getting this society up of the ground from the past few years; securing you all with a darkroom & equipment as well as speakers, trips, socials, tutorials, exhibitions, with loads more to look forward to like blue skies. Hence it’s close to our hearts that the soc’ is continued the way it should be; with a committed and determined committee! So if you’re unsure about whether you’d run for a position at the AGM yet, come along tomorrow (Uni Arms 6pm 2nd Feb) and see what it’s like and help us out with a few things, and convince the rest of the committee to invest in some hasselblads.

Big love,


Oh and guys, there are still plenty of places for the darkroom training this week- book here:

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