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2010: Yes, we’re still here :)

None of us really know how old Photosoc is for certain, but we’re still alive and kicking in another decade which is always good :) just a quick email for now, we’ll update you all later next week after our committee meeting…

Committee Meeting

Our first meeting as a committee for the year is next week and we’d love for people to come along and get involved or just see what it’s like being on the committee. We’re always interested to find out what you want us to be doing as a society and coming along, you’ll have a chance to help shape our plans for the rest of the year. There’s also our Annual General Meeting in April, most likely in the week before the Easter break, which is when you can stand to be on the committee next year and vote on who gets each position, and we’re really interested in giving you guys a chance to see what it’s like to do any of the roles you might be interested in.

Those are:

  • President (Adam)
  • Secretary (Paul)
  • Treasurer (Jack)
  • Social Secretary (Beckie)
  • [Darkroom Officer (Jack/Beckie)]
  • Inclusion Officer (Miki)
  • Mascot (Sukh)

The meeting will be on Wednesday 27th January at 6pm in the University Arms (down the road from the Students Union, towards the Information Commons). Please do come along!

“Twelve Days of Christmas” competition

We’ve already had some fantastic and creative entries in, so if you’ve got a photo hidden away that you’ve not uploaded yet, do it soon because the competition closes this Sunday at midnight! Please do remember the rules though and make sure anything you do upload has been taken within the competition period. Don’t forget, there are prizes to be won too :)

The Flickr group to upload is here.

Ultimate (Refreshers) Fair

Come along and see us at the Ultimate Fair (or Refreshers Fair for those of us who are a bit old) on Wednesday 10th February between 10am and 3pm in the Octagon, where we’ll have a stall and also be doing another photo shoot downstairs where the cloakroom normally is for SPACE club nights.

We’ll be taking sign ups for new membership for the year, so if you’ve not had a chance to come to any meetings yet, come along and we can tell you anything you want to know about the society and sort out your membership. If you’re already a member and want to know what you’re getting out of it or just want to complain, come along anyway!

We do require that you have membership for our socials and meetings, and while we’re more happy for you to come along and see if you want to join, you really should join if you want to be active with us. It’s only £5 this year (please remember that being on the mailing list does not constitute membership) and we work as hard as we can to get you guys as much benefit as we can. Your membership fee goes entirely towards running the society and the more paid members we have, the more we’re allowed to apply for in funding in the next year, which means MORE equipment, MORE speakers, MORE potential for big trips and most importantly, MORE OF YOU LOVELY PEOPLE! :)

Refreshers Social

To welcome in the new year and new members, we’ve got a social in the evening that’s being organised by our lovely social sec Beckie. Details will follow next week, but it’s likely to be around 7pm, so keep your calendars clear then.



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  1. Beckie says:

    Post it!! I love it! :D

  2. Miki says:

    Um… date for the Ultimate/Refreshers Fair?

  3. Adam says:

    That would help wouldn’t it? :( Do we sent a correcting email or nay? I need to do c/w for the next 2 days, so please do if you reckon we should.

  4. Arran says:

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