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Happy New Year!

A very happy new year to all of PhotoSoc!

We hope you all had a great new year and that the drinks were flowing and parties merry! You may have noticed that we have revamped our website as we leap into the new decade (thanks to clever Adam); we think it looks pretty jazzy and we hope you do too! You’ll find all the stuff and things that were there before and a few new treats to amuse yourselves with.

So upload your beautiful photos to the PhotoSoc flickr group (the most recent 15 uploads will appear on our homepage for the world to admire), and get chatting to each other in the forums about anything you like. Did anyone get anything photography related for Christmas?!

Also, don’t forget to keep your festive fingers snapping for the “Twelve Days of Christmas” competition – we have some mega prizes up for grabs!

We’re looking forward to a year of trips, socials, exhibitions and learning lots of new things!

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