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Okay, so it’s not quite here yet, but we’re already thinking about what we want to do for it!

Christmas Competition

We’re having a big competition for the holidays and the theme is the “Twelve Days of Christmas”. There are three big prizes, plus a couple of extra for people who we feel stood out in certain areas. Same as ever, upload to the Flickr themes group and most importantly, GET SHOOTING!


This was an amazing success last semester (and a massive thank you to Jack and Beckie for doing the training). They’ve promised to run more training sessions in the new semester for those of you who missed out first time round or just need a bit more confidence with what to do.

For those of you already itching to get back to developing and printing, bookings will also re-open in the New Year when arrangements are made with the porter.


It gets warmer next semester (yay!), so we’re going to be going out more as a society. After the success of last time, we’re planning a return to the Peak District (although probably not the same place) and another go at the industrial walk around Sheffield. We’re also hoping to go to the Sheffield Sculpture Park.

End of Year Exhibition

We’ve been planning another exhibition for sometime in April or May, which promises to be bigger and better than the last one. Taking in the feedback from last time, we’re aiming to have each photographer’s work have a more central theme (of their own choice). Treat it like a mini-project, but get thinking and of course, shooting now, as we want to be able to show off the best Photosoc has to offer!

Committee Meetings

A few of you might’ve already come along briefly to our committee meetings on Monday nights, but we want to get you more involved than that. Around April/May (most likely around the Easter break), we will hold our Annual General Meeting, which is when we all go off for a nice meal, get a bit drunk (if that’s your sort of thing) and then elect our new committee for the coming year. So to give people a taste of what being on the committee is like (and how amazingly dysfunctional we really are), we’re opening up our committee meetings to anyone who wants to come along. Remember, you don’t need to have any experience if you’re thinking you’d like to stand for a position (most of us had none!) and we’d love to see you there.

First meeting is to be confirmed, but it’ll be sometime in early February.


Some people weren’t able to make it to the times last semester to pick up their prints from the exhibition, so we’ll have some other times you can pick them up in January or early February. Details will follow closer to the time.


We’ve made arrangements with the Union finance department so that any Photosoc members (who can legally work in the UK) can be put onto the Union payroll. As a society, we tend to receive a lot of job offers from other societies, and in the past the rules about how we can pay members for these has been pretty unclear. This marks the end to those problems, so in January / February we’ll arrange for people to be added to the payroll if they want to. Please note this will be a REQUIREMENT from now on if you want to take on a PAID job by another society in order to keep things above board. Any free/volunteering work and jobs from outside organisations are unaffected.


Have an amazing one!

Love from all the Photosoc committee :)

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