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Kit kit kit!

For those of you without cameras you’ve now NO excuse not to start taking amazing photos. Kit is totally free to borrow if you’re a member.

We currently have:

Canon 400D with kit lens
Canon 50mm F1.8
Canon 430Ex II Speedlight

Nikon 50mm AF-D F1.8

Olympus OM10 with 50mm F1.8 (ask for some film & about darkroom developing!)

2 Hama Tripods

Wireless Flash Set for up to two flashes; can use any make/model of flash with any camera with a hot-shoe.

Silver/White/Gold Reflector

2.73m Arctic White Paper backdrop with tripod supports.

Visit to get it!

We’re aiming to get a Nikon DSLR & flash too and a bunch of film cameras, to revive film’s awesomeness and for that we need you. He’s amazed, so should you be.

Also, I am planning to go on a little photo walk on Monday at 2pm, if anybody would like to join me. Meet at the union, outside Coffee Revs, and we’ll have a wander. It’ll be an opportunity to have an experiment with your camera and to ask questions on anything you’re not sure about.

If anybody is going on a photo walk soon, please use the forums on the website to let other people know. The best way to learn is from each other, so it would be great if you can go and explore in groups, and share your knowledge and experience.


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