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Varsity Exhibtion-Late Entries

Hey all,

We’ve decided to give a few of you an extra chance to get involved with our exhibition on 29th November 16:00-23:00, at Varsity on West Street.

You MUST have:

Sent your images to by this Sunday 22nd Midnight.

Paid £10 for the prints by 13:00 on Monday 23rd. Someone will be in the source from:

11:00-11:30 on Friday 20th
11:00-11:30 and 12:00-13:00 on Monday 23rd


We have checked out the venue and decided that we can show at least 3 pictures from everybody but will print a 4th just in case.

They will be:

1 x Large (12 x 18 inches)

3 x Small (8 x 12 inches)

Both sizes need to be around 5 megapixels or greater in dimension, and saved at 200-300 DPI (dots per inch).

These will be printed at Harrisons. We have managed to get HALF-PRICE on these prints so all 4 will cost you £10.00 with mounting included too. You’ll get to keep them after the exhibition.

To get these excellent value prints, we need all of you to send your pictures to

The Jpeg files need to be a suitable resolution (as above), and named in this format: “[L/S G/M] [Picture name] by [Your name]” where the “L” “S” “G” & “M” means large, small, glossy and matt respectively (a choice between glossy or matt). So for a picture by myself called “Hamster”, that I want printed at 12×18 and on matt paper it will be titled:

“L M Hamster by Jack Gilbert”

Or if I wanted it to be a small print on glossy paper:

“S G Hamster by Jack Gilbert”

If you cannot fit your full name, put your initials instead i.e “JG”

Add a preference for your pictures in case we can only show 3 prints per person and not 4. Just prefix the image name with a 1, 2 or 3.


Include your full name and a contact number too in the email. as well as a short (200-300 word) statement about you, your photos and put a line in about photosoc too if you wish :)

If you cannot fit all the images in one email, please number your emails accordingly.


If your picture is not in the ratio 3:2 i.e it is a square, or from a 4:3 compact camera, the longest edge of the image will take the shortest edge of the print. I.e if your image is square and you wanted it printed large, the finished print will be a 12×12 inch and not an 18×18 inch print.

You need to be a fully paid up Photosoc member to be part of this, if you’re not, you can pay when I’m in the source on Friday/Monday.


In summary:

Send in your prints before Monday.
Pay for your prints by Monday 13:00.

I think that covers it all. The pictures will be taken in to be printed first thing Monday, which is why the image deadline is before the payment.

Anything urgent, call me (Jack Gilbert) on 0788 298 5439 but emailing us should be fine for 90% of queries.



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