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Industrial Walk – Sunday 8th November

Hi guys,

As promised, we’re going to do an industrial walk this weekend. Since most of us don’t really know the industrial side of town that well yet, we thought we’d stick to somewhere a bit more local for our first walk and not go too far out of town, but hopefully we’ll go a bit further in our next one.

The plan is to meet at the train station on Sunday (8th November), and then walk out to the back of the station and up the hill to Park Hill. Apparently there’s lots to see over there. Then we’ll head over the A57 to Victoria Quays which is basically the beginning of the canal that goes east out of Sheffield. Then we’ll make our way over towards Wicker and Kelham Island which has a nice mixture of modern and old-style buildings, some that have been renovated and some that look quite run down and weathered.

It means that we’re not walking for miles out of town, because we want people to be able to get home easily at the end of it, especially on a Sunday when the buses aren’t so good. Also with it getting dark early, I suggest we meet at the train station at about 1:30, so we can the most out of the light, and perhaps do a bit of dusk photography when it starts to get a bit darker. I know a few of you mentioned you’d be interested in that.

Please bring warm clothes and sensible shoes etc. Hopefully the weather will be okay. If the forecast looks bad closer to the time, we’ll call it off and reschedule for another day when our cameras aren’t going to get soaked! But all being well, we’ll be trekking round the industrial wonders of Sheffield this Sunday afternoon!

If you’re planning to come on the walk, could you send us an email so we’ve got an idea of how many people want to come. Also, if you need to get hold of me, my number is 07907874892 (Beckie).

We look forward to seeing you!

Lots of love,

Photosoc xx

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