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Hi all,

We’re having plenty of interest regarding this exciting opportunity and we’re getting a few common questions which I hope this email will answer.

Since the gallery is a finite space, we need to share it up evenly between everyone, which thus determines how many and what size of print are put up. We’ve viewed it once and will view it again soon taking measurements etc.

A rough cut-off date for you to reply with your interest is the 8th (this Sunday). From there, we can then divide up the space and tell you how many pictures you can display and what size they need to be.

Printing will take place from around 12-26th November and will potentially be subsidised by us. Details will follow soon enough.

There is no theme to the exhibition. It’s a chance to show off your best work to the public and maybe even get some sales.

For now, just reply saying that you’re interested and sort out your best pictures (about 5). If you really can’t decided on them, go to our forum and make a new topic, post/link your picture and everyone can help you choose.

Much love,


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