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Okay, so we know a lot of you have been waiting for us to get somewhere on this and so we wanted to keep everyone posted on the results of our meeting with Claire Monk (the activities officer) today.

In the long term, we’re trying to get one of the rooms in the Union that’s being opened up for a new use when the Union building work is completed. That’ll be by next summer though, and it’s dependent on us being able to secure the room, but if we get it, it should give us a proper home again.

In the short term, we’re pushing ahead with trying to get an arrangement with the University department where we’ve found darkrooms available and finding a home in the Union for our digital and studio equipment, so you can borrow it more easily!

It all sounds very positive, and we’ll keep you all posted as soon as we hear anything from Claire :)

Thank you for being patient!

Much love,

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