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Hi to everyone who’s decided to check us out after the Activities Fair and sorry for not having this up sooner! The only reason is because we’ve been busy with PhotoSoc business, promise!

What do you guys do?
Anything we think sounds fun and photography-related! Trips, socials, talks (sorry if you had me tell you that one)… We have details of our current plans here but we’re always open to new suggestions, so if you have an idea that’s not covered, let us know!

When’s the first meeting?
It’s on Thursday 1st October at 7pm. The venue will be confirmed once we book it, but we’re hoping to get some ideas on numbers first. We’re going to try to make sure there’s something for you no matter what skill level you’re at though and whichever side of the film/digital divide you’re on…

How do I join?
Come along to one of our meetings and sign up, simple as that! Membership is £5 for the year and that should include pretty much everything. We’ll do our best to cover costs where we can, but if we finally manage to get a darkroom sorted, we might charge a small fee for that to cover the cost of chemicals (since only a few of you would probably be using it, it doesn’t seem fair otherwise).

Do I have to be good at photography? / Do I need a (good) camera?
No :) all we ask is that you have an interest in photography. Cameras can be borrowed from The Source and you can take good photos no matter what camera you have! We’ll try to provide some training on how to use your camera for beginners too.

What equipment do you have?
Details of our equipment can be found here (Equipment) along with the equipment offered by The Source. We do have some new equipment on the way too (some tripods and some film cameras, as soon we get round to ordering them!) and we’re hoping to buy a digital SLR for people to borrow too, but that’s been a bit delayed because of funding this year.

Do you use film or digital?
Some of our members use film, some use digital, and some use both! We aim to cater to both and we’re trying our hardest still to make sure that people can try their hand at developing their own film if they want to.

If you have any questions that we didn’t answer for you or you couldn’t hear over the speakers, please do email us and we’ll be happy to answer them for you :D

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