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New Year

We’ve got a lot of ideas for next year and although they’re not too far along at the moment (most of the committee are enjoying their holiday still!), I thought I’d let you know what some of them are…


  • We’ll be having some kind of social in the first few weeks, probably not during fresher’s week since everyone always has plenty to do then, but soon after!
  • The park! Everyone knows the climbing frame in Endcliffe Park was never really intended for kids…
  • Fancy dress barcrawl and possibly a Union night… depending on a certain co-president being willing to come! :)   [Yes, yes, fret ye not :p  – A Certain Co-president.]
  • Disposable camera social
  • Meals / BBQ in the park – maybe?


We felt that last year was rather quiet for these, so we’ll be trying to get more in this year

  • Theatre – we’ll be negotiating with SuTCo to do a shoot for one of their performances, but this is likely to depend on interest and numbers
  • Studio – get some hands-on experience with the society’s older-than-your-grandma studio lights
  • Pinhole – following our talk from Pin-Apple (aka Tony) last year, we’re hoping to get some of you shooting on some pinhole cameras and back in the wonderful world of film
  • Darkroom – for anyone who’s been following (and the numerous people who we’ve had to disappoint), we’re still working on trying to get a darkroom again. We have the equipment, we know of the last department with darkrooms left and we know how to use one… sort of. We’ll be back on the offensive come September, so hopefully we’ll be able to do darkroom training again sometime soon.
  • Themes – “high, hi, pie”, these will be continuing next year :)
  • Trips – very dependent on interest, but we’ll be trying to organise some trips to interesting places :D
  • Update: Lead Mill – driven by popular demand (and the idea already being considered), we’ll be trying to get some sort of arrangement with a club to do band photos. This is just an idea, but we’ll try. Now please stop trying to all get that band photo job I sent out. Please? Go try Forge Press Music section for now…


This has been delayed a bit because of deadline changes this year, meaning we can’t really get funding until September for a lot of it, but…

  • Tripods – no more borrowing off your poor friend out on a nightwalk, we’ll be buying two rather sturdy tripods for loan next year (as soon as I get round to sorting all the paperwork)
  • Film cameras – dip your toes into film for the price of a roll of 35mm film and development (about £4)
  • Extension tubes – for macro photos, not very exciting, but handy
  • Flashgun – I almost went insane without having one of these, so we’re getting one for loan… and it’s Canon fit. Sorry Nikon people, I only know one of you in the society and they have a flash already. Contact us if you think that’s a bad choice though!
  • Digital SLR – depending if we get the funding, we might get an older digital SLR for people to practice with if they’re moving up from using a point and shoot. Just tentative for now though.
  • Studio lights, film scanner, reflectors – we already have these, so we’ll be trying to make their existence more well known and the scanner actually working.


  • Anyone we can get in, this is a bit open-ended until we start convincing people to come in and talk to some students!

Anyway, that’s just a taster of what we hope to do, since I didn’t really want to copy out the entire of our notes! If you have any other ideas though, please do get in touch and we’ll do our best to include them!

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