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Hey all,

It’s the holidays and there’s not really much happening with the society, apart from the committee getting ready for the new year, so I thought I’d share a few programs that can make your life a lot easier when editing.


JPEG-EXIF autorotate

JPEG-EXIF autorotate

My favourite little program in the world. This lets you right-click on a folder (in Windows) and automagically rotate all the JPEG photos inside using the orientation data embedded in each photo’s EXIF (camera info).


This will resize all your images and then put them into a zip (archive) file so you can upload them. Using YouSendIt is a good alternative to trying to send a 20MB file as an email attachment.


Shrink O’Matic

A bit like the ImageSizer, this will resize your photos to a given size and if you want, change the format (never try saving a photo in PNG or GIF format, it won’t work well). Looks to be a bit simpler and hey, it’s got a washing machine for a logo.



It looks a bit like Windows Paint, but this is a well featured yet easy to use photo editor. You can still draw stupid cartoons with it though.

Adobe Lightroom

This one isn’t free, but I really had to include it anyway because of the amount of time it’s saved me. You can get a student copy for £80 and it’s worth it if you do a lot of shooting in digital, especially with RAW. It organises your photos through folders and tags, but most of all it lets you do a range of editing tasks with photos that will make you wonder how you ever lived without it.

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