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Photo-Soc end-of-year meal: RSVP!

Hello everyone – good news! PhotoSoc is thinking of having an end-of-year meal
at 7pm on Saturday the 30th of May :) It will be part-social and part-meeting,
as there will be the chance to suggest and discuss possible events for next
year, but rest assured we will also be having a very good time.

However, before we can book a table anywhere, it’s extremely important that we
have some idea of how many people will be coming – so if you’re free and
interested then please PLEASE email us immediately to say that you can make it!
I know it’s a busy time what with exams at the moment, but this should be a
lovely break away from all that work, so we hope to receive a positive response
from you very soon :)

Lots of love,


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